Download Diver

Diver can be quickly and easily installed using Eclipse’s P2 provisioning system. Simply select Help – Install New Software and point P2 to the update site, and install all of the software listed.

Update Site:

Alternatively, releases will be periodically uploaded to the the Diver project site. You can download the entire release as a single archive file, and point P2 to that as a “Software Site”. It will generally take longer, and be more difficult than the above approaches, so following the instructions above is recommended.


  • Environment: Eclipse SDK, version 3.5 with the Java Development Tools (JDT) installed.
  • Java: Java SDK version 6 or higher
  • Operating System: Linux, Windows XP SP2 or later*


  • Processor: Multi-core system
  • Memory: 2GB of RAM or higher
  • Permanent Storage: 20GB or higher available to store trace data

*NOTE: Diver uses native C++ code. Currently, it has only been tested on systems running Windows XP and Windows 7. Preliminary testing has been done on the Linux operating system as well, but it is not part of the regular release. The code is portable, and there is no theoretical reason that it can’t run on any Java 6-enabled environment. If you would like to help us to expand the number of platforms that Diver can run on, please visit the Diver project page and contribute.