Windows 7 Issues

After a comprehensive study of Diver using different versions of itself, Windows, Java and Eclipse, it has become apparent that there are general stability and performance issues for Diver on Windows 7 (and probably Windows Vista). Windows XP remains unaffected and Windows 8 has not been tested. The problem results in traces taking an extremely long time to be stored, applications lagging while being traced and traces failing to store. We believe this to be an issue regarding Windows 7 and Java and how threading and /or memory management is handled. This might require an overhaul of the Diver data layer and may not be fixed in the near future. Please continue to post issues on Github and we will try to help where ever possible.


Diver 0.5.0 Milestone Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Diver 0.5.0.  This milestone release includes the added support for the 64bit Windows – Eclipse – Java platform.

The plan for the 0.5.X versions is the expansion of the supported platforms, cleaning up and updating of the project and documentation,  and the fixing of bugs.

For any issues please either log them on Github or contact us directly.


Diver Development Team

Diver 0.4.1 Released

Today marks the release of a new version of Diver. Version 0.4.1 is a minor release. Most of the work done on this release related to upgrading the Boost C++ libraries used by the Tracing project. The upgrade from version 1.42.0 to 1.50.0 of the libraries paves the way for a 64bit version of Diver.

The version is now available on the Eclipse Marketplace or via the update site: